“The only constant in life is change” - Heraclitus

We are focusing on working with governments, contractors, banks, finacial houses & private sectors in arranging finance & executions or development of the following projects:

A-Islamic Investment Banking Industry
B-Industrial Cities with the formula “TURN KEY”
C- Real Estate, Hotels and Apartments.
D- Hospitals and Educational Institutions.
E- Medical Cities
F- Gated Communities & Affordable Housing
G- Power Plants & Hydro Power
H- Oil Refineries, Petrochemicals and Oil Trading.
I-Food Production Processing, Plants and Trading.
J-Industrial Estate Development and construction.
K-Infrastructure Projects, Drainage Network, Water Fronts & Reclamations, Highways & Bridges, Air & Sea Ports, Air & Shipping Lines etc.
L-Silos, sugar factories
M-Clean energy including Solar Energy (Land & Floating) & Hybrid with Wind Turbines for night supply, Waste to Power and Bio Diesel.
N-Water Desalination & Water Preparation Plants
O-Cement Factories
P-Military Buildings
Q-Project finance and banking instruments including; MTN103, MTN103-202, BG, SBLC, LC, RTGS, IPIP, ICASO 820, ICASA , Bonds and any other instrument or money transfer system that available & authorized by the respective Central Banks for financing mega projects .
R- Crude oil, D2, D6, J45, Bitumen and all other oil derivatives.
S- Any other potential agreed projects especially with governments & entities with acceptable financial instrument regarding to the payback.

Turkey Projects

A-General Trading
C-Marketing African agribusiness product
D-Processing of African raw materials to supply the regional market through free zones
E-Islamic Banking Industry
F-Financial Solutions & Consultations for African SME.
G-Oil & Gas training & field services
H-UN Tenders.
I-Global networks for directing the international finance & technology through the Asian and European contractors to the African Sub-Sahara & ECWAS area in particular and African main land in general. In addition, to the Acceleration & Activation of the global initiatives & Summits recommendations for the African Partnership in Development with G20.
J-Exploring renewable energy financing PPP opportunities

Corporate Responsibility:

Our core objective is to have sustainable development goal implemented and its positive impact embodied in the communities of the countries in which we arranged the project finance and execution.

We will raise the employability through pushing the executers to go for training & sub-contracting the local small companies and improving of the quality life of the surrounding communities as the Business Human Rights. 

We will work with the governments we signed MOU/JV with to support fiscal transparency and to strengthen governance for local, regional and national development.

Our utmost and paramount responsibility is to collaborate with the governments to undertake the affirmative action & positive discrimination to the disadvantaged group including women, disables, members of smaller racial group, war, globalization & climate change victims to get fair share of the opportunities available.

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